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"If you read history you will find the Christians who did most for this present world were precisely those who thought most of the next."

- C.S. Lewis

A Brief History of MCC

The seed for MCC was planted with the incorporation of the West Medway precinct on Dec. 29, 1748. The people desired to have a place of worship on this side of the Black Swamp (present day Medway/Millis town line) due to the hardship of traveling to the East district for worship service. The frame for the new meeting house was raised on April 6, 1749 on present day Evergreen St. It was officially pronounced the Second Church of Christ in Medway on October 4, 1750 and the covenant signed by 33 men. 

Despite hard times and difficulties within the church, a frame for a new meeting house was raised on Rabbit Hill June 3, 1813. It was dedicated on June 23, 1814. It was built at a cost of $10,000. After all the bills were paid and all the pews were either sold or rented the church had to its credit $3000. 

That same year, Rev. Jacob Ide accepted the call to become pastor and was ordained on November 1, 1814. His pastorate brought new life into the church and spanned 51 years. Dr. Ide was a prolific writer, editor, and teacher of theology, preparing 43 men for the ministry. Many of his sermons have been published.

Midway through Ide's tenure, in 1838, 32 members of the congregation planted a daughter church in Medway Village to make it easier for those living in the factory district to attend Sunday services. Dr. Ide continued to serve both churches until they called their first pastor, David Sanford (Rev. Sanford was trained for the ministry By Dr. Ide and was also the grandson of our 2nd pastor). To this day, Medway Village Church remains a faithful, gospel-believing body. 

In 1901 MCC was incorporated and the name was changed to the Second Congregational Church. 

The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 destroyed the Baptist Church on the corner of Main and Winthrop Streets. The Baptists, together with their pastor, were invited to worship with us. Soon the Baptists and Congregationalists formed a “federated” church to be known as The Community Church. The new by-laws, reflecting the merger, were ratified and adopted on June 25, 1940. That 1938 hurricane did much damage throughout the town and also destroyed the roof and the steeple of our own facility. The steeple crashed into the sanctuary below leaving a mark that is still visible today. 

Over the years there have been many restorations and additions to the original building. In 1874 a chapel was built that came to be known as Fellowship Hall and in 1969/70 the Education Wing was added to the right side of the building where the horse sheds once stood. A complete and major renovation of the interior and exterior of the building was undertaken in the 1980’s called “Progress Thru Preservation.” 

In 1995 the Congregational, Baptist, and Community Churches merged to form the Medway Community Church. This merger eliminated the confusion of having 3 separate church governments and formed a single body of believers. In 2010 Pastor Travis accepted the call to lead us and (due to a 2009 lightning strike) a massive renovation of the church sanctuary was completed. For over 265+ years, we believe God has cared for and grown MCC - through both difficult times and seasons of great joy. With our eyes firmly set upon Him, we are "pressing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:14)