Our vision is to be a community of grace, making disciples of Christ. 

Our process, or strategy, to accomplish our vision is by:  

Reaching Up: with personal & gathered worship

Reaching In:  with small groups & fellowship

Reaching Out:  with service & evangelism

Our Core Convictions

  1. We believe in one God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This triune God has created humankind in His own image and has called us to exhibit and reflect holiness through obedience to His commandments. 
  2. We believe that humanity has woefully fallen in this responsibility and entered into a state of moral corruption; therefore we have become estranged from God, our Creator. 
  3. We believe that out of a profound love for His creation, God has initiated a plan of redemption that He has accomplished on behalf of His people. The fulfillment of this redemption is found in the incarnation of God in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. 
  4. We believe Jesus to be the Christ of Old Testament prophecy, being at the same time fully God and fully man. Jesus, through His substitutionary atoning death and bodily resurrection, has provided the meritorious basis of our justification and salvation, which, by God's grace, we receive by faith alone. 
  5. We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in the hearts of believers, effecting their regeneration and operating in their sanctification. He has been given to the people of God to empower them for the service of bearing witness to the kingdom of God. 
  6. We believe that the Holy Spirit brings His people together to form a corporate community of believers.  Christ has established a visible church that is called to live in the power of the Spirit under the regulation of the authority of Holy Scripture, exercising discipline, administering the sacraments, and preaching the Gospel of Christ. 
  7. We believe that the Bible, in its entirety, is divine revelation, and we submit to the authority of Holy Scripture, acknowledging it to be inerrantly inspired by God and carrying the full weight of His authority. 
  8. We believe that all who trust in Christ are our brothers and sisters, and thus we support the work of Christian organizations and institutions that confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 
  9. We believe our faith should be visible in holy behavior, acts of mercy, and verbal witness.  We seek to be faithful disciples of Christ, enduring in love and obedience until He comes again to consummate His kingdom. 
  10. We accept those large areas of doctrinal teaching which historically have had agreement among all Christians and which have been expressed in the creeds of the church; more specifically the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Westminster Confession of Faith.